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As a major supplier to global manufacturers of agricultural equipment and utility vehicles, we pay attention to sophisticated production procedures, consistent control of individual production phases and high-quality final products. In addition to our permanent production programme for multinational companies, we produce our own agricultural machinery. This experience makes us strong enough to meet the specific requirements of our business partners.

We operate in an international environment, where reliability, flexibility and premium product quality is a must. We are able to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions from the initial idea and business agreement through design and construction to precise processing in series production and logistics to the customer. Our priority is to make premium quality products with high utility value.

Comprehensive solutions

Ensuring the entire process from planning, design and development to series production and product delivery to the customer.

Partial solutions

Based on the customer's specifications, we can meet their requirements, so they satisfy their needs

Post-production service

Post-production service is part of our portfolio to guarantee a high and long-lasting utility value of our products.

production solutions

For our customers, our ability to solve their production assignments comprehensively is key. That is, from the initial requirement and business model through design and development, engineering solutions and production technology to test samples and final series production. The post production process can also include actual delivery and long-term post-production service.


We try to satisfy our customers' needs as much as possible and create products according to their requirements.

Design and development

A team of experienced and trained staff is involved in the design and development of each product.


Superior workmanship is achieved through extensive manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art technology.

Series production

Thanks to our unique technologies, we are able to produce even technology-intensive products.

Technology leader.

As a development supplier for the field of agricultural machinery and utility vehicles, we are involved in the development of highly sophisticated end products for our partners around the world. We offer our customers to build prototypes, test and try out machines under real operating conditions. Agrostroj also has a Research and Development Centre on its premises, which allows us to focus on highly efficient production processes using the latest technologies.

We offer sophisticated production procedures that enable us to ensure consistent control over all production phases. In the project phase, we use efficient project teams, and in product testing, we can simulate real operating conditions on test benches or in the field.


Individual solutions.

Modern technologies allow us to provide comprehensive service solutions for the most demanding clients.

Custom production – we try to satisfy our customers as much as possible and we are able to produce even technology-intensive products.

Unique technologies – thanks to our extensive production facilities and unique technologies, we are able to offer solutions even for demanding clients.

Logistics – the delivery of goods to the customer may also be part of the post-production process.

Timely delivery – individual deliveries are made in time or in sequences directly to the assembly lines of our partners or to their sales network.

Service – we provide product warranties as well as adequate warranty and after-warranty service.